Evertale evolution materials

Evertale has been out for quite some time and as the game itself continues to grow in terms of content, so too does its fanbase and new players. With an expansive storyline, new events and promotions, and boasting a wide roster of heroes and monsters to collect and upgrade, Evertale has become an increasingly addictive lifestyle game for most mobile gamers who purchased and installed the game. While the free-roaming world that the first act of Evertale provides enough challenge and adventure to test your strategic skills and grinding patience, various game modes under events as well as the succeeding acts in online story mode presents even greater challenge that will push you to get even stronger.

Like many RPGs where the initial quick progression as far as character and equipment levels and overall team prowess dwindles down as you grow stronger, the amount of time and dedication you will need to commit to the game becomes even more important from late to end game. If you are not sure about where to make the most out of your time in the game as well as the most efficient use of your very valuable mana, then our Evertale farming guide can help you narrow down options as to where you need to go and what you need to do.

At this point, we would want to assume that you are close to completing, if not already completed, act 1 which is the offline story arc. Moreover, we have published a detailed team guidewhich showcases some of the dream team concepts in the game.

Now, in this Evertale guide, we will be exclusively discussing some of the best spots to farm resources you need as well as managing your mana which is crucial to staying efficient as you progress further towards the mid to end game aspects of Evertale. Every battle you engage in as you play Evertale provides experience points, not just for your team members, but for each equipped weapon as well. If it is a story-related battle or one within the events which require consumption of mana to complete, then it will reward you with rank experience points as well to level up your account.

As mana will typically tend to fall short of what you would need to farm for a lot of the other resources you need, farming for experience points for your characters as well as your favorite weapons should best be done on the offline story mode. Typically, the farther you are in story mode, the higher level of monsters you will encounter on bushes and other battles. Following this logic, the act 1 offline story end boss, the Aeon Empyrean, provides the highest experience points you can earn for your team.

It also consists of 2 battles each rewarding your team and weapons huge chunks of experience points depending on their respective levels. You can go through the final battle as many times as you want and earn the huge amounts of experience points to boost some of the heroes and weapons you may want to max out. On the downside, though, the battle can be very difficult especially if you struggled just to get past him the first time around.

Additionally, there is a bit of loading time between each battle and 2 sets of dialogues that can take time even if you skip them altogether. If you are certain to be able to continuously beat him with your team, while tagging along lower level characters and weapons to boost them on experience point gains, then feel free to spam battle the boss as much as you want. If not, then consider alternative spots on other locations.

evertale evolution materials

The Aeon Tower may be the last area in act 1 of the game and holds the most potent enemies and mobs to give your team some decent amount of experience points but all battles here save the final boss can only be engage in once.

If you are having a hard time consistently beating the final boss, or taking way too much time doing so, then you should instead settle for Silverdrake Mountains, particularly in Silverdrake Valley just close to the portal.

Silverdrake Valley is the last stretch of snowy are that you can roam around in before you enter the Aeon Tower and the small patch of frosty bushes just to the West of the portal can give you fairly good amounts of experience points at a rapid rate. It takes a mere second for you to encounter a new batch of monsters on this patch as soon as you finish doing battle with the previous one.

Depending on how fast you finish all 4 monsters off, you can manage to acquire more experience points here than with the Aeon Empyrean given the same amount of time. Soul stones serve as the most important premium currency in the game and undeniably much difficult to earn and collect than other currencies.

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Evolution Materials

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About Us Terms and conditions Privacy policy F. Q Contact US News. All rights reserved. Q Sell To Us. Note: Possible account termination when using illegal leveling or illegally obtained gold. Here are some key notes for players who just started out in the game. Also, if you are in need of any Cheap Evertale Soul Stoneyou can also visit 5mmo. To achieve this, you have to beat level 50, which is pretty fast. Once your Magic cap is up to 50, you can beat Hard level.

At levelyou have try EX Hard. As you progress though the game, the experience points will be higher and also harder. You can team up with your friends to farm experience points faster and more easily. You can always find recommend card combination from various forums. You can craft the material for evolution by doing daily missions, where you can gain all the materials and potions you need. Luckily, the drop rate for 6 star material is pretty high.

You can gain bonuses by hitting one thousand times. The maximize level cap of each character and weapon if at Common monsters cannot be boosted or awakened. Only Rare and higher. Rare monsters are easier to find and thus awakening them to higher levels is much easier than say and sr or ssr monster. Its a way for rare monsters to somewhat compete with sr and ssr monsters after a few awakenings.Check out my main guide thread: "Killerdog's Guides".

It has links to everything I've made :. Posts: This guide index is mainly for those new to KingsRoad but may include some interesting comments in the "Extra Notes" section of each evo mat. Many players get confused by all the evolution they are finding and often don't know what is valuable and what they should throw away. So it's important to know your pepper from your salt and that's what this guide aims to achieve.

The index is split into sections by the use of each evo mat, much like my jewel index, then I go through each one specifically. Also, please note I will use the abbreviation "evo mat" throughout this guide to mean "evolution material". A little trick which is good to know is that when you buy evolution materials with gems they go into your inventory as an item.

You can then leave the enchanting menu and deposit them in your vault before returning to the evolution screen and buying more. This happens most frequently in festivals when players need to rush evolution of some jewels but don't have them level 10 on the day with cheaper evo mats. To evolve ANY crescent jewel it requires these evolution materials.

They are required each time the jewel hits level 10 and will progress it to the next quality. The crescent jewels need a certain quantity of each type for each evolve. To evolve ANY tristone jewel it requires these evolution materials. The tristone jewels need a certain quantity of each type for each evolve. To evolve ANY square jewel it requires these evolution materials. The square jewels need a certain quantity of each type for each evolve.

To evolve ANY sphere jewel it requires these evolution materials. The sphere jewels need a certain quantity of each type for each evolve. Only certain prisms evolve and they all require just a single type of evolution material. The old skill runes from the skill rune lockbox often seen in the arena evolve by using multiple copies of them self, but the newer ones often got from the rune farm map use an evolution material to evolve.

Also, the new skill runes will say something like "1-star" in the name. On the later pages I detail which skill runes you should use your rune dust on. To evolve ANY tournament jewel it requires all three of these evolution materials. The quantity required for each is the same, so you always want them to be dropping in even quantities. NOTE: The tournament evo mats do not always have these pictures, but they are always purple, blue and clear in background epic, superior, common.

New evo mats are used for each tournament and they are not cycled round so the old ones are no longer useful. The way to recognise a tournament evo mat is by reading the description on the item.

If it references how it is found in a tournament then it is a tournament evo mat. To evolve ANY crown it requires both of these evolution materials. The quantity required for each is the same, so you always want them in even quantities.

NOTE: Unlike tournament jewels and event items, all crowns use the same evo mats so you should hold onto them! Over a two week period time of an event this means we can buy of each.

Evertale: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

That's about enough to max a crown. This means I spend less gold overall and have spare PvP tokens to buy other things with but it requires a lot of spare storage space.Lightlings are highly sought after by many would-be monster trainers.

Their winged adult forms can fly while carrying a passenger, making them excellent companions in battle. Because their sheer ferocity makes them nigh impossible to tame as adults, hunters often try to capture them while they are still infant Lightlings.

However, this task is far from easy, as poisonous claws and a nasty bite make even Lightlings quite dangerous. While finding and capturing a rare Lightling is a test of skill for a monster trainer, taming the older Shockling is a test of patience. In addition to being much larger, Shocklings are also more aggressive and fearless, requiring constant supervision to keep them out of trouble. However, despite their disobedient tendencies, Shocklings care deeply for their masters, and they will protect them from any threats with zeal.

They also like to bring their master fresh prey each morning, though this is not always quite as appreciated.

evertale evolution materials

Once a wild Shockling turns into a Thundering, it grows a pair of mighty wings and takes to the skies. From then on, it will spend the bulk of its time in flight. Wild Thunderings gather around storm clouds, absorbing their electrical energy. While hunting, a Thundering will swoop down and unleash this energy on unsuspecting prey, like a living lightning bolt.

This is why the traditional Baltu'kud language uses the same word for both Thunderings and real lightning strikes.

evertale evolution materials

The stats of this situation may not be accurate at present. Grants the Poison status effect to 1 enemy. Allies gain 1 Spirit. This will overwrite any other status effect on that unit. When this unit is defeated by an enemy, that enemy is stunned for TU.


Can use weapon skills of Staffs in addition to their original preferred weapon type. Stuns 1 random enemy for TU. Triggered if there is at least 1 other Storm ally when this unit enters the battlefield from reinforcements. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.ZigZaGame Inc. Evertale takes you to the fantasy world of Erden and take on a quest to liberate the land from the forces of Pandemonium. As you journey through 6 regions in the land, you will encounter a variety of characters who may join you on your adventure and there are various monsters scattered across each map to battle, capture, collect, and train.

Various quests lead you to progress your game and there are plenty of side quests to earn rewards for you to strengthen your party faster.

There are plenty of areas to discover and explore as treasures and rare monsters abound in each region. The first few minutes of gameplay, which includes the initial battles you engage in, serves as the tutorial for Evertale. Movement is a simple touch on whichever part of the map you wish to go to.

Battle systems are relatively easy as well, but for first time RPG players who may need extra time to get accustomed to the mechanics, replaying certain areas of the tutorial can be done as well. Various features and windows within the game provide information as well as tutorial replays by clicking on the question mark icon. As there are no in-game stamina to limit the amount of time you play each day, farming for experience points as well as better pets can be done as much as you want.

Like any RPG across all gaming platforms, the basic route to follow in Evertale is to proceed with following and accomplishing quest lines as indicated by an arrow on the screen that generally points toward the direction of your next goal. There will be some story texts and battles involved and if you want to dive deep into the lore and story development that very much immerses you in this well-crafted fantasy world, read through the conversations and avoid skipping any despite the itch of getting in on the action fast.

The best reason why you should aim to progress the main quests as much as you can is because additional characters and monsters can be obtained which will make it relatively easier for you to grind later on in the game. Some weapons and accessories can be obtained as well easily from accomplishing quests. More importantly, quests provide a decent amount of experience points you need to level up your account. Every bit of experience you gain and every level you reach not only makes each member of your team stronger, it also increases the cost limit of your entire team which means that the higher it goes, the stronger the characters or monsters you can squeeze in on your party.

Strictly adhering to main quests may not always be the best way to go if you find yourself struggling with more challenging battles a little later on in the game.

If the arrow indicating the quest area starts to lead you into town, or another area in the region, then feel free to scout and explore around for treasure chests and rare monsters before proceeding. It may be a bit surprising for some RPG enthusiasts to have a full party roster of 8 characters and monsters in Evertale.

Though it may take a while for you to gather 8 companions on your journey, and considering no same monster can be in a party at once, just following quest lines can earn you more than what you can simultaneously use in just a matter of minutes.You can have up to eight monsters in your party, and being that this is not a f2p game, you have a very involved, console-esque story to follow, as well as a gameplay system free of pay-to-win trappings.

You can catch monsters in six different regions of the land, join a guild in order to play with other players, and take on all sorts of side quests in addition to the main quests in the game. The main difference between this and similar monster-collection games is how many characters you can put in your party at the same time, as well as the constraints.

You have cost limits that prevent you from just putting all of the most powerful people in your party at once, so you have to take a deep look at all of the stats, skills, and traits in order to build a team most effectively. One thing to consider is the different elements of each character. Storm beats water, water beats fire, fire beats wind, and wind beats storm. Light and dark are strong against each other, so while there might not be an overall advantage in pitting them against each other, the battles will certainly go by quickly.

After the tutorial is done, focus on completing the daily missions and the achievements. Daily missions reset every 24 hours, and they give you the most rewards for the least amount of work.

Evertale Farming Guide: Tips & Strategies for Farming Resources and Managing Your Mana

Be sure to participate in as many events as possible. Like other games of this type, there are special events to complete in Evertale. Often the events are permanent, such as with the training dojo, and you can earn things such as summoning stones and evolution materials. You have other limited-time events, too, which can earn you some of the greatest rewards in the entire game. The silver can then later be spent to help your current party and your favorite monsters progress.

Take some time to explore. Look around for various treasure chests, and open them so that you can receive free rewards. Summoning crystals will let you summon new monsters. You can either do one monster at a time, or ten at a time for 1, crystals. Save your crystals for 10 at a time because when you do the x10 summon, you will earn a guaranteed SR or SSR, which will become the most powerful monsters on your team. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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